What is an amzLenders Account?

An amzLenders account is fully set up only when the following requirements have been satisfied:
  1. Completed contact and business information.
  2. Bank account is connected and confirmed 
  3. Amazon account is fully connected
    1. Client grants amzLenders developer access to Amazon MWS API
    2. Client provides User Permissions in their Amazon Seller Central Account

Why do I need to set up an account?

Before you can submit a Funding Application, you would need to set up an account with us. This will provide you an access to the Client Portal where you can:

  1. View all the details of your funding
  2. View and edit all your contact and business information
  3. Link your accounts
  4. Apply for a new financing
  5. View, download and upload documents 

How can I create an account?

Click the “Get Started” or "Apply" button in our main website and complete all steps of the Application Process. 


We made it easier for your to get started! 

  • Sign up by adding your email address at app.amzlenders.com. You will be asked to verify you email address, so open your inbox and click the link in your email.
  • Next, you will be asked to add your full name and set up a password. You can now log in to the Client Portal to complete your registration. 

As soon as you log in, you are redirected to our Client Portal where you can continue the registration. 


This step will complete your amzLenders account. 

  1. Connect your business bank account. The bank account should be the same bank account where you your Amazon Disbursements are deposited. The bank name should also be the same as your registered business name.
  2. Link your Amazon account by granting MWS Access and all the required user permissions in your seller account.
  3. Complete your Business Profile. Fill out all the fields to complete your contact and business information. Fill out all the necessary information about all the business owners and upload a scanned copy of the drivers licenses.


This is the last and final step in your account registration. By simply telling us where the fund is intended and conforming to Certifications, Authorizations, and Consents.