How does repayment work?

Each time Amazon transfers funds from your Seller account, we automatically collect a small percentage of your Gross Amazon Revenue. This helps keep your payments on track, but ensuring you still have plenty left to pay other bills.

How much does it cost?

While the amount and rate of each offer depends on a variety of risk factors, generally cost is 20-25% of how much you borrow. While this is certainly higher than bank loans, our one flat fee is far lower than the industry average of 30-40% of the loan amount.

Unlike loans which have an interest rate, we charge one flat fee which will never increase – even if it takes you to longer to pay off. This helps prevent you from being trapped in a mountain of debt if your sales decline.

Are there restrictions on how I use the funds?

You must use the funds for business purposes – but unlike other lenders, particularly those who provide inventory-based financing, you have the flexibility to choose how you use it.

For example, you can use it to purchase inventory, develop and launch new products, hire staff, or increase your ad budget, etc.

If I have a loan from Amazon, can I still get approved?

Yes. We designed it so that if you receive a loan from Amazon you can still get approved, but the Amazon loan may affect how much money you can borrow.

Can I afford your financing?

We always offer an amount your business can afford to repay in a reasonable amount of time. Unlike other lenders, part of our business evaluation is designed to ensure you’ll never be offered an amount you can’t pay off.

How much can I borrow?

Funding amounts can range from $1,000 to $50,000+. The exact amount is determined by a careful analysis of your business, which includes a review of your sales history, customer support metrics, and other relevant data points.

Can I extend the term on my funding?

There is no fixed term on our financing – how long it takes to repay depends on the performance of your business.

Since the amount you pay is a percentage of each Amazon transfer, you’ll pay your balance off faster if things are going well. But if sales decline, the percentage stays the same but it ends up being a smaller amount – allowing you more time to pay it off. And it never costs you a dime extra!

Will my credit score be affected if I apply for a financing or use your services?

We do not view your credit score during the application process and you don’t even need a credit score to apply. However, if you fail to repay your cash advance, then your credit score may be impacted.

When can I refinance or get approved for a larger amount?

We do it automatically! As soon as you’re eligible for a better deal, we’ll notify you and you can have funds in your account in just a few clicks.

Can I get a loan from another provider if I have an outstanding financing from you?

You can get a loan from another provider, even if you have an outstanding cash advance from us. However, other lenders may be more hesitant to approve you if they see that you have an outstanding balance.

What if I can get a better rate elsewhere?

We fully encourage you to do whatever you feel is best for your business. If you can get a better deal elsewhere, by all means, do it!

Unfortunately, most Amazon business owners have few, if any, options for financing. While we aren’t necessarily the lowest cost option (banks will be cheaper), our rates are often over 25% cheaper than similar short-term business lenders. 

Also, keep in mind that we also offer more than just affordable financing and our financing program’s unique structure is the best around for Amazon sellers.