Each time Amazon deposits funds to your bank account, we automatically deduct the payment that is due via ACH. You don’t have to worry about getting a check to us on time, and we won’t drain your account since we only take a small portion of the funds Amazon deposits.

We require you to securely connect the business bank account where your Amazon Disbursements are deposited.

Here are the quick steps to securely link your business bank account.

1. Select from commonly linked bank accounts or use the search bar for ones not listed. 

2. Enter the credentials for the account you wish to link to your application. You can always use the "Reset Password" link that will open a new window so you can resolve that with your bank.

This is what you should see once your bank has been successfully linked:

This is displayed when the information you provided is invalid or not supported on our platform.

Depending on how your bank account is set up, you might see these windows when you need to authenticate your account log in. 

MFA One-time passcode - Displayed if you must verify their identity with a one-time code sent to another device they control
MFA Question - Displayed when you need to verify your identity by answering questions they created with their bank.
MFA Selection - Displayed when you must select multiple choice answers to confirm your identity.