Step 1: Contact Info

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  • Contact Phone Number

Step 2: Business Profile

Complete all the data we need related to the business. * denotes that information is required.

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  • Full Business Address: 
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  • Business Tax ID Number or your Federal EIN* - enter the full 9 digits without spaces or dashes.
  • Business Registration Date* - The accepted format is mm/dd/year.
  • Business Structure* (Sole Proprietor, Partnership, Limited Liability Company or Corporation)
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Step 3: Business Owners

Please provide the business owners who own at least 20% of the business (maximum of 4), including yourself.

For each of the business owners, please provide:

  • Full Name*: First Name, Middle Name and Last Name
  • Ownership Percentage*: How much % of the business does this person own?  
  • Last 4 Digit of SSN*: (We don’t run credit, but we'll use  this for identity verification)
  • Each business owner you add requires a scanned copy of their drivers license. Maximum file size is 1MB.