How do I edit/change my contact and business information?

Simply log in to the client portal, edit the information, then hit the SAVE button. If you have an outstanding balance, we'll be notified of the changes automatically.If for some reason you encounter any issues with changing your business or contact information, contact us and our support team will get in touch with you. 

What account changes in my sellers account do I need to notify amzLenders with? How?

Changes to your Amazon bank account, address, or tax ID can cause your account to be frozen for fraud checks.
Please notify us before you make changes to your account, so that we can be prepared in case something happens.

How do I verify my bank account?

We instantly verify you're the owner of the bank account when you confirm your bank account details. 

If you want to see what business bank account is connected to your amzLenders account, log in to the Client Portal. 

In the left panel menu, choose "Profile" and click the "Accounts" tab. In the Business Bank Account section, you will see:
a. if your business bank account is connected,
b. the bank account name and the last 4 digits of your bank account

How can I update the business bank account information?

NOTE: When you change your business bank account, you need to make sure that the same bank account is where your Amazon Disbursements are being deposited. You also need to sign a new ACH Authorization Form, so before making any changes, please contact support so we can send you the ACH Authorization Form.

If you change your bank account, you'll need to re-link it in the portal by logging in with your new online banking details. To do this:

a. Log in to the Client Portal. 

b. In the left panel menu, choose "Profile" 

c. Then click the "Accounts" tab. The Business Bank Account section is where you'll see the business bank account that is currently linked to your amzLenders account. 

d. If you need to change this, you need to disconnect your current bank account first by clicking "Disconnect Bank Account"

Why can't I use my personal bank account?

We provide funding to businesses, not individuals, so we require a business bank account to verify the business is legitimate.

My Amazon Seller Account got suspended - what do I do?

Fortunately, we've been through this before and are here to help. Please contact us immediately with full details of all the information that Amazon has provided regarding your suspension.