What can I do in the Client Portal?

The Client Portal will enable you to:

  1. View all the details of your cash advances and funding application
  2. View and edit your contact and business information
  3. Securely link your bank account
  4. View, download and upload documents 
  5. See your balance and track your payment history

How can I log in to my amzLenders account?

Log in with your email address and password.

How do I reset/change my account password?

You can reset your password by clicking the REST PASSWORD button in the log in page

How can I contact your support team?

There are different ways to contact us. When you are logged in to the Client Portal, you can:

a. Chat Live with our Support team by clicking the chat bubble below any page of the Client Portal.

b. Send an email/open a support ticket by clicking the "Contact Support" button  at the top of the page.

c. Call us at (862) 703-7500. 

Where do I find my Funding ID or Client ID?

You can see your Client ID in the left panel, under your name and business name as soon as you are logged in to the Client Portal.

Your Funding ID is shown in the FUNDING TAB, when you click on PROFILE (in the left panel menu). 

The Funding tab

The Funding tab lists all the transactions related to the Funding ID indicated in the page:

  • Transaction Date - the date when the transaction was processed
  • Transaction Type - Credit in when the amount is added to your outstanding balance (e.g. fund transfer). Debit are amounts taken out of your outstanding balance. (e.g. payments).
  • Payment ID - is the reference number of the transactions.
  • Description - is a short description of the transactions
  • Amount - amount of the transaction
  • Ending Balance - the balance after each transaction has been completed. For example, if your outstanding balance is $ 6,450.28 and we processed a payment of $ 406.86, your ending balance is would then be $ 6,043.42.

The Profile tab

The profile tab is where you can view all the contact and business information you have registered in your amzLenders account. This is also where you can edit these information. 

The Support Tickets tab

This is where you can see all the support tickets you or our support team have created. You can also use this to respond to the tickets. If you need to open a new one, click the  button at the top of the page. 

The Payment Info tab

You can access this section by clicking PROFILE in the left panel menu, then choose PAYMENT INFO tab above the page.

In this page, you can see the Funding ID and your Outstanding Balance. 

This page includes, a pie graph that shows the total payments that you have made vs the outstanding balance that you still need to pay. 

The graph on the right side is a visual representation of the small percentage of the payment against your gross revenue. You can also hover your mouse to get more info on the Ordered Product Sales and the Payment. 

The sections below are info about your last payment and the current statement. 

Last Payment -  this section will provide you the details of when we have collected, the amount we have collected and how we computed for the amount collected. When you click the "i" icon, you will also see the status of the payment collection. 

ACH Requested - indicates that we have already processed the ACH payment.

Cleared - indicates that the ACH payment has been cleared by your bank.

Returned - indicates that the ACH payment we requested failed. When this happens, we will re-process the ACH payment and will add an additional $30 return fee. 

Current Statement -  will show you exactly how much we'll collect. Just take the Gross Amazon Revenue and multiply it by the Specified Percentage that was assigned to your account when you accepted the offer.

Since these data changes until the Amazon statement is closed, you can click the "i" icon to show when this info has been last updated.