When do my payments start?

Your first payment will occur the day you receive Amazon disbursement funds, immediately following the funding date. If you were funded in the middle of an Amazon billing cycle, we will only compute for the specified percentage of your gross revenue the day after we have processed the fund transfer.

For example,

Amazon Statement Date: Jan 1-14

Specified Percentage: 12.00%

Gross Revenue: $ 35,000.00

Funding Date: Jan 5

We will compute for your gross revenue from Jan 6 to 14 and collect 12% of that amount as soon as you have received your Amazon Disbursement (typically 3-5 business days). 

Where can I see my Outstanding Balance?

The Outstanding Balance of your account is shown in the FUNDING tab as soon as you log in to the Client Portal.

What is a Factor Rate?

The Factor Rate represents the difference in the amount of receivables purchased by the creditor (e.g. amzLenders) and the amount of money advanced to the borrower (the business owner).

Example: a business receives $10,000 with a factor rate of 1.25, the total payback is 1.25 x 10,000 = 12,500.

When is my payment due?

There's no set date - we deduct each payment as soon as you receive the funds from your Amazon deposit account.

What happens if the ACH payment fails?

Every time an ACH payment fails, you will receive an email notification and a $30 returned payment fee is added to the amount due when we re-process the payment.

What happens if a payment is overdue?

You will get a notification via email whenever a payment is overdue to give you a chance to resolve any problems that may have caused it. We will then attempt to process another ACH request.

I'm having trouble making payments. Who do I contact?

Please reach out to us via a support ticket and we'll follow up as soon as possible.

What is a Merchant Default? When is an account in default?

Your account may be in default if you fail to make a payment or violate the terms set forth in the agreement. If you're temporarily struggling we'll work with you to figure out a plan that fits, but we reserve the right to pursue legal action if necessary.

How do I know if I am eligible for additional funding?

We'll notify you via e-mail as soon as you are pre-qualified.

How do I apply for more funds?

If you need additional funding, please contact support so we can schedule an account review. We will send you an offer if you are qualified.