What is the difference between a Merchant Cash Advance and a loan?

A Merchant Cash Advance is an agreement which a business sells its future receivables at a discount, in exchange for immediate cash. Business loans are generally more complex legal agreements which include a fixed periodic payment, restrictions on use of funds, and interest which accrues based on the balance.

What is an advance?

We commonly refer to the capital we provide to businesses as an "advance" or "funding", because it is a Merchant Cash Advance and not a loan.

I had an offer sent to me via email but I didn't accept it before it expires.  How do I get another one?

Each offer expires within 7 days so you need take action as soon as possible. After it expires, you need to let us know so we can review your account and send you another offer.

I recently declined the offer you sent me but I changed my mind, what should I do?

Please reach out to us via a support ticket to expedite the process. We would have to review your account again and send you another offer if you are still qualified.

Will my offer be the same when I apply for another advance?

Each offer depends on our examination of your business data in real time, so the amounts and terms may not be the same as previous offers.

Why am I not eligible for financing?

There are dozens of factors which may impact our credit decisions. For specific questions, please contact Support so we can look into your application and provide you with accurate answers.

How is my maximum loan amount determined?

Factors include our risk evaluation, your Amazon sales history, and history of making payments on time.

What is a Deposit Account?

A Deposit Account is the bank account where your Amazon Cash-out are deposited.

How do I avoid delays in receiving funds?

Always make sure that the correct business bank account is connected. Check this by clicking 'Profile' in the left panel. Go to the 'Accounts' tab.

Where can I have my funds deposited?

To prevent fraud, we always deposit funds into the same bank account which receives disbursements from your Amazon Seller account.