One of the most important requirements in signing up with amzLenders and applying for funding is securely connecting the business bank account. The business bank account should always be the same bank account where your Amazon Disbursements are deposited. 

We wont be able to review your funding application unless this requirement is satisfied. 

To verify this in your selling account, go to Settings, choose 'Account Info'. In the Payment Information section, click 'Deposit Methods'. 

How to fix this in the Client Portal

If you have indeed connected an incorrect business bank account, log back in to the Client Portal to:

1. Go to Profile in the menu. Choose the Accounts tab. 

2. Click the Disconnect Bank Account button to unlink the bank account you have previously connected. Confirm your action. 

3. Connect the new and correct business bank account by clicking the Connect Bank Account button in the same window. Follow these instructions to Securely Link your Business Bank Account.